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Welcome into my world

Listen to Your Body, listen to the nature.

Hi! I'm Katherine Darveau, mom of 4, enjoying life! 

I started to practice yoga 10 years ago. 

Wanting you go deeper into yoga, I started to study it.

8 years later, I'm certified 500hrs-yoga teacher, Restorative yoga, Pre-post natal yoga and Sound healing bowl. 
I grew up spending my summer in the woods, living in a cabin my father built on a border of a lake. I could spend hours swimming on this lake, floating on my back, watching the sky, looking at the reflexion of the sun with the corner of my eyes and just listen to the sound of the water, the wind and the bugs!! Thanks to the dragonflies who protected me from the bugs!! Now it's my kids turn to enjoy this unique moment on this lake full of joy and blessing.

It's a unique place and so lovely.
This place inspires me when I teach yoga. Especially during restorative yoga and sound healing, when I guide my students to release their muscles, stress and tensions to become lighter like if they were floating on the lake! 

It's a blessing.

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