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All public classes in-person are limited to 5 people but unlimited online.

Private and semi-private classes are also available by appointment only. 

Contact me for more info!

Gentle Yoga

Strength, Stretch & Restore! 

This gentle yoga include:

  • Pranayama

  • Asanas

  • Restorative yoga


I often use light weight and other tools during this class. I create a little workout sequence with yoga poses then end the class with a long savasana along with singing bowls to help the body relax deeper and restore. 

Available in-person or virtual.

A Zoom link will be send for each class.

Yoga is for everyone! 

Restorative Yoga 

And Sound Healing

Restorative yoga is a way to learn how to relax the body & mind into passive poses.

I use sound healing bowls (Medicine Bowls or Crystal Bowls or both) to help relax deeper the body and mind to allow a deeper connection with the spirits.

Practicing restorative yoga regularly will help the body recover naturally by balancing the nervous system and hormones. It can help reduce high blood pressure and balance emotional thoughts and bring awareness and clarity around you.

With the combination of the bowls, it will bring you into a full restore & wellness state. The bowls helps balancing each chakras at the same time your body is learning how to relax into restorative yoga poses. With the use of props, it allows the muscles of the body to relax and release tensions with no effort in a safe environment. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep & digestion.

Limited to 5 people.

This class is great for private sessions.

Private Yoga

 Book your private session Monthly or bi-monthly!!

Choose 30 minutes express Sound Healing to boost your energy level or 75 minutes for a complete Yoga session mixed with Sound Healing depending on your needs.

The benefit of the singing bowls include: Stress reduction, decreased anxiety and depression, improve memory, reduced blood pressure, pain reduction.


Practicing yoga regularly, will teach your body to relax and become more aware of the present moment.
With times, it will help to manage stress more easily, every day.

Book now!

Reset for the New Year

Book Now this special class to help your body reset for the New Year!

4 Yoga classes package to help with digestion and restore the nervous system.


Bonus include a detox recipe from dr. BB Beba, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition & Functional Nutritionist.

Space is limited! Classes start in January 2024.

Save your spot NOW!

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