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B o r n   t o   l o v e   a n d   b e   l o v e d

 Katherine Darveau, mom of 4,

500hrs Registered yoga teacher, specialized in Restorative yoga and Pre&Postnatal Yoga as well as Sound Healing practitioner. 

All classes include Pranayama , Asana, and guided meditation in restorative yoga poses using the  Tibetan or crystal signing bowls.  

My goal is my students can feel a deeper the connection between the Mind, Body & Spirit by relaxing and releasing tension in the body.  

Are you ready to make a positive changes in your lifestyle? 

Have a look at what I offer.

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Katherine's Yoga class is excellent! Not only you will enjoy yoga but also be able to listen to your body and mind that you easily dismiss. Highly recommended!


I love these classes! Katherine creates a very positive and safe environment where I feel very comfortable. Her classes are relaxing, yet challenging and they give me a wonderful chance to focus only on what we are doing on our mats. Thanks for this!!!


Kat is amazing! She creates lessons according to your own needs and always goes above and beyond in making the class feel whole - a great workout, including body, soul and mind. She is an amazing and inspirational teacher. I admire her confidence in everything she does and says. Her restoration practice is AMAZING- truly truly restores and revitalizes. Sound healing is also really incredible. I am lucky to know her and have her as my yoga instructor!

You rock Kat!

Thank you for everything!


I am so thankful that I found such a professional, knowlegeable and kind instructor of YOGA. 


Coming to you after a hip replacement  I wasn't sure I could keep up in a yoga class.   You have been so patient and mindfulll of my surgery.  Due to this, I  can move freely and confidently in your class and in my everyday life.


You have a small class which gives you the opportunity to instruct one on one.  A private class or a zoom class you give the same amount of attention to your students. They are all enjoyable and incredible.


Thank you for all you've done for me.  It is so very appreciated.

  • Virtual or in-Person. A Zoom link will be send for each class.

    Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

  • STATING IN JANUARY! Digest & Restore Yoga Class to Reset the Nervous S...

    Tue, Wed, Sat

  • Balance the chakras in restorative poses with the sound of the bowls.


  • Reboost mind & body in 30 min! Private sessions only.

  • 75 minutes include yoga practice and sound healing as needed.


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